Let's play a fun game! Can you pick out which one doesn't belong in the group? Find out what each group appears to have in common, then pick the odd one out. Do you think you can get them all? Let's start. (scroll down for answers)

1. watermelon, apple, pineapple, cucumber

2. Hershey's, M & M's, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Skittles

3. Mitt Romney, Richard Nixon, "Ike" Eisenhower, FDR

4. emu, ostrich, penguin, Canadian Goose

5. Greek Yogurt, ice cream, Silk Milk, cheese

6. alligator, turtle, lizard, frog

7. Europe, Australia, South America, Asia

8. canned sardines, canned Spam, canned corn beef hash, canned Boiled Parrot


1. cucumber - the category is fruits

2. skittles - the category is chocolate

3. Mitt Romney - the category is US Presidents

4. Canadian Goose - the category is flightless birds

5. Silk Milk - the category is dairy products

6. frogs - the category is reptiles

7. South America - the category is Eastern Hemisphere

8. Boiled Parrot - category - are these people out of their freaking minds? For real, cans of "Boiled Parrot" are upsetting people in San Francisco in a display in a yet-to-open store, upsetting animal lovers as it contains stacks of cans labeled "Boiled Parrot." The display is in the window of a shop called Terrific Street, and the cans bear the image of a cartoon parrot, and reads it contains "Colorful Sky Rat Brand Boiled Parrot in Gravy." Brady Baltezore, one of six partners behind the store said the display was meant to be humorous! Delicious and nutricious, available at the corner of crass and class. #northbeach #parrot #terrificstreet #telegraphhillparrots. Yum!