Jaclyn Flagg has been a full-time photographer for almost 5 years and is based out of Mansfield. Her work is important to her, but not essential during the coronavirus outbreak.

“I am missing my clients a lot. I’m also four months pregnant, so that’s been a huge change in itself,” said Flagg. “I went from meeting new people almost daily to being cooped up in my apartment interacting with no one but my husband who works every day. I haven’t even felt creative enough to pick up my camera.”

Friends and followers on social media began tagging her in a new viral series called The Front Porch Steps Photo Project. “Photographers are going around and taking photos of families on their front step while remaining the safe distance away,” Flagg explained. “Some of them are accepting donations, while others are giving the money to charity. Although I loved this idea, the thought of driving around from house to house being tired and pregnant didn’t sound too appealing.”

Flagg had another idea. “The other day I was sitting on my couch and I looked outside my window and thought how funny would it be if my clients came to me? What if they just stood outside my window for a few minutes and I captured them during this insane time. It would also give them a reason to get out of the house for a little bit. I posted a photo on Instagram completely joking calling it 'The Window Project."

Jaclyn Flagg via Facebook

Although she didn’t really expect anyone to take it seriously, clients inquired about it almost immediately. The Window Project became a way to keep those creative juices flowing and give families something fun to do together while still practicing social distancing.

“A longtime client of mine, Jen, decided she would bring her two sons and their dog to come to cheer me up,” said Flagg. “She brought chips, wine, a yoga mat, and she even dressed their dog in a bumblebee costume. Man, it made me laugh. We got some silly and fun photos and she even graciously donated to my small business. She said she knew I was growing a family and wanted to help any way that she could during this hard time. I was blown away by her generosity. I seriously have the most amazing clients. Needless to say, seeing them goofing around outside my window really made me happy. My whole day shifted and I had another client come later on that day.”

Jaclyn Flagg via Facebook

Flagg is hoping that more families will stop by for a visit, even if it just means being silly on a sidewalk. “I’m literally sitting at home all day long and would love to see more beautiful happy people outside my window here in Mansfield.”

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