Living on the Southcoast, many residents are familiar with factory work. Either you or a family member of yours may have worked at one of the many plants who have come and gone from this area.

Factory Workers, Flickr
Factory Workers, Flickr

Factories can be a very noisy place, from the humming machinery to loud bangs. Many people who have hearing loss today may have actually done some damage to their auditory sense working in one of our local plants. Well, OSHA has decided to target certain industries in New England to ensure safety of its employees. According to Emily Clark , safety editor at

The program, according to OSHA, will identify and inspect workplaces with high noise levels and provide outreach to employers. Targeted employers will include those involved in the manufacturing and fabrication of metal, plastic, stone, and wood products, as well as meat, dairy, and bakery production.

If you have hearing loss or would like more information on steps to protect your hearing from damage on the job, call Darlene & Peter Vieira at Beltone, NE.  Check out their Local Expert page here.

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