As the SouthCoast counts down the days until Monday, we are hoping and praying that the number of new cases and hospitalizations in the Commonwealth continues to decline, allowing our lives and commerce to slowly return to normal. Each morning on The Rock and Fox Show, we'll spotlight a SouthCoast business leader who is fighting to continue to grow even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This morning, we spoke to the President and CEO of First Citizens Federal Credit Union, Peter Muise. In addition to sharing insight about some of the ways that First Citizens has adapted to keep their staff and members healthy, Peter let the audience know that the government-backed SBA loans are still available.

While the money for the first batch of loans ran out quickly, there is still cash available for small businesses. He suggested getting in contact with a local banking institution to get the ball rolling before this pool of money dries up.

Before ending our call with Peter, the longtime CEO offered some incredibly wise advice. First and foremost, Muise said, your primary responsibility as a business opened to the public is for "safety first." Nothing else is more important, he said.

"If you're not doing that, I submit that you're doing a disservice to the public and a disservice to your customers," Muise said.

Despite all of the reasons to be pessimistic, Muise had a bright outlook for those who are willing to put in the work.

"Those who adapt are going to be successful, they really will," he said. "Those that are trying to operate the way they did in February, I submit will have a lot of difficulties, financially and otherwise."

If you would like to promote how your business is handling the pandemic, please email Michael Rock at for more information or fill out this form.

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