I’ll give President Trump credit. He can read a teleprompter well and can even sound presidential doing it unlike the Twitter-version of the commander-in-chief.

Teleprompter Trump paints a rosy picture of America under his guidance. The economy is growing stronger every day and we’re back and open for business. Americans are doing much better than they have in the past, because of Trump’s guidance in the last two years.

What he forgot to say was thank you, President Obama.

Many of the successes Trump is taking credit for began before he took office. That’s nothing new on the presidential scene as ideas and plans don’t materialize overnight like Trump claims they do.

Trump’s agenda has been to wipe out any progress made by the Obama administration, and adopt what is leftover and working as his own.

Trump still isn’t dealing with the high cost of health insurance, which is crippling people and wiping out any monies they might get from his tax cuts. A couple of thousand dollars goes quickly when you find yourself sick or injured.

We need to fix what is wrong with Obamacare, but start by keeping the parts that are working and building a new plan off of that.

Trump is taking claim for unemployment for blacks and Hispanics decreasing, but Politifact said this happen during Obama Administration and has slightly decreased lately. While Obama was president, both black and Hispanic unemployment fell in half.

During the campaign, Trump doubted the unemployment numbers, which is actually the correct approach. When your unemployment insurance runs out, you aren't considered as being unemployed anymore, so an exact figure is never known. A better indication is the number of jobs was filled in a month.

Saving the automobile industry started during the Obama years with the bailout of the industry, same with the drop in ISIS numbers and wage increases, which can also be tied to companies try to retain workers.

Unlike being the divider as Twitter Trump, Teleprompter Trump talks about bringing people together, getting Republicans and Democrats working together. He can take the first step by giving Obama credit for what he accomplished.

Mike Hardman is the digital managing editor for WBSM. His opinions are solely his own.


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