In October of 2009, President Obama was handed the Nobel Prize. Yeah, after less than eight months in office. The explanation from the esteemed "non-political" panel was that he should be congratulated for his talking about "nuclear non-proliferation" and "mending ties to Muslim nations."

All but one of the Nobel prizes are awarded by Sweden; the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded by Norway. Thorbjorg Jagland, who chaired the decision, was reportedly quoted as saying he wanted it yanked away, after the actual history of President Obama's White House consisted of anything but a direction toward peace.

His carpet bombing of Libyan forces under Khaddafi, in order to install a group of revolutionaries of Obama's choosing, was eventually proven to be a very poor decision. Today, thanks to this Obama assisted regime change, non-Muslim black Africans are sold on the open market as slaves in Tripoli, Benghazi, and other places in Libya.

Next, Obama threatened Egyptian President Mubarak (an American ally) to stand down, and not stop the violent coup d'etat orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood for takeover of the government there. They immediately began mass murdering and persecuting Coptic Christians there, before Egyptian moderates not under Obama's influence forcibly removed those nut jobs. Nicely played again, sir.

Obama gave it all the disarming, innocuous title of the "Arab Spring." Get a whiff of it folks, don't ya just love the smell of napalm in the mornin'? He had set the Middle East on fire.

While this was going on, Obama defied even his own military advisors and ordered the mass and instant pullout of our armed forces in Iraq.

Most Americans, including this one, agreed that our time there should have a sunset but our forces were the only thing deterring massive violence in Iraq. Soon after, ISIS took root in the north and slaughtered tens of thousands of non-Wahhabi Muslims. They were either raped, imprisoned, tortured and/or enslaved.

This vacuum of security caused by the Americans abandoning the promise by President George W. Bush not to leave Iraqis vulnerable before we left, allowed the ISIS Caliphate to expand their territory weekly. ISIS even established some regional and municipal organized social services for those who were spared (mostly Wahhabi-Sunni Muslims).

Some who did not escape the towns which were surrounded and sacked day by day, caught their wrath were beheaded on film for propaganda videos. Others were set on fire in cages. Many others were also killed in the same way in secrecy as mass graves are found weekly since the territory has been reclaimed.

The brutal murders were put on recruitment videos and found on jihadist websites and email lists on the internet, drawing thousands of foreign jihadist fighters across the world to join the Caliphate in the restoring the ancient glory days of Islam, who once possessed a territory called Levant.

The Levant is a term offensive to Hebrews as it includes Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Israel. President Obama referred to the area, normally used in vernacular by Muslims, as the Levant. It is a term many regard as antagonistic.

Relationships with today's biggest threat to world peace (Russia) ironically worsened after the 2012 elections when sitting president Obama laughed at Mitt Romney, for the challenger's answer when during the debate Romney was asked which was the biggest national security threat to America in his opinion. He replied, "Russia".  The answer was met with a wisecrack by the smirking president, who was feeding off the Obama friendly audience. He suggested Romney was "still living in the 1980s".  How could the seated president of the United States have been so unaware of the Russian reawakening?

So maybe in the future, keep your powder dry a bit longer over there in Norway.

As for Donald Trump? He's been facing accusations by "Deep State" Washington elected, bureaucrats, and the mainstream media of collaborating with Russia to "steal" the Presidency from their preferred candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

At this point, the investigation may end up attempting to nail President Trump with bogus mattress tags, and maybe they can impeach him over that.

President Trump however, has brought peace to Korea, by "outcrazying" Kim Jong Un. China is coming back to the trade table for more fair practice. Trump's Pentagon blasted chemical WMD factories in Syria, after a war crime of a massacre of Syrian civilians took place, which  included children in the casualties. The Syrian regime is supported by Russia, and Trump has even destroyed Russian assets with air strikes there.

With his proposed ban on six Muslim nations (or about 20 percent of the foreign Muslim population), Trump is forcing these rogue states to greatly improve on their poorly outdated and antiquated identification records in order to prevent terrorists from entering into the United States. He's been called racist by his tireless detractors for this policy, too, but it appears that the Supreme Court may uphold his proposed ban next week.

Trump has also given no safe harbor, no haven, no rest or opportunity for ISIS. They have lost almost every square inch they gained under President Obama. Thousands of murderous, raping ISIS jihadists have been killed off under the Trump regime. Many are under arrest and facing justice in Iraq, Europe, Saudi Arabia, and in countries from where they originated, as they attempt to slip back home.

Finally, President Trump struck a severe blow to the human sex trafficking industry by signing two executive orders since December of last year, and one as recently as April 11 of this year. Most of these things could and should have been accomplished in past administrations.

Inter-Korean Summit 2018
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Now you tell me, which one of these two U.S. Presidents deserves a Nobel Peace Prize?

Ken Pittman is the host of The Ken Pittman Show on 1420 WBSM New Bedford. He can be heard Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon. Contact him at and follow him on Twitter @RadioKenPittman. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author. 

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