Buried on page eight of the Sunday New York Times was the announcement that Amnesty International had given an award to former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Amnesty International stated, “just like the Ambassadors of Conscience before him, Colin Kaepernick chooses to speak out and inspire others despite the professional and personal risks.” He was awarded this for taking a knee at work during the national anthem, because he hates the men and women who serve as police officers in the United States.

When Colin started to using his celebrity to demonize police officers, Yarmouth, Massachusetts officer Sean Gannon was alive and protecting his community. Officer Gannon was buried on April 18 after being murdered in the line of duty. On April 21, Kaepernick was in the Netherlands accepting an award for demonizing police officers like the late Sean Gannon.

Colin has used his celebrity as an athlete to attack all police officers. He wore a pair of socks to a media event that depicted police officers as pigs. Pigs aren’t human, and pigs get slaughtered. Depicting police officers as pigs is a way of dehumanizing them, and creating an environment for them to be slaughtered.

Kaepernick has contributed to an environment that has led to the murder of police officers. He didn’t pull the trigger of a gun that killed an officer, and therefore he is innocent of murder. But Colin understands the power of his celebrity and his ability to influence public opinion. He depicts police officers as pigs, and police officers get slaughtered.

Kaepernick refuses to stand for the national anthem of his country. He celebrates Che Guevara, the architect of the Cuban police state. He wears socks depicting police like the late Sean Gannon as barnyard animals. He gets an award in Europe, while America mourns Officer Gannon.

Officer Sean Gannon died a hero on his feet. Colin Kaepernick chooses to live his on his knees.

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