The next wave of defense to protect our snowflake generation comes from Pennsylvania, where State Rep. Frank Burns (D-Cambria) has filed legislation to punish the parents of kids who bully other kids.

Under Burns' proposed law, schools would be required to notify parents each time their child bullies another. A first offense would result in the parents being notified of what action was taken by the school.

A second offense gets dicier. Parents would be required to participate in a parenting class on bullying, and would be asked to attend a bullying resolution conference.

Three or more offenses in the same school year would result in a court citation and a $500 fine and/or community service. According to Burns:

"Bullying is underreported and often unaddressed in any meaningful way,” “When it’s not addressed, bullying can escalate quickly from taunts and hurtful online posts to physical assaults and—in worst cases—suicide. Holding students, parents and officials at all levels accountable is the only way to put an end to this scourge.” 

Burns suggests that by holding parents accountable for their kid's behavior progress can be made in reducing incidents of bullying:

“If holding parents accountable is what it takes to reel in their kids’ bad behavior, then let’s do it. With the advent of cyberbullying making this problem even more pervasive, we can’t afford to sit back and do nothing. No student should ever have to go to school in fear or shame.”

I do not necessarily disagree with holding parents responsible for the actions of their kids. I do, however, question whether this is enforceable, and whether it will it create a level of bureaucracy in the process.

I am also concerned about what might constitute bullying, and with who might make that determination. Burns says his bill would address the problem of students "taunting and terrorizing" their peers. Should this really involve the courts, or could we simply settle much of this "behind the gym," Biden and Trump style?

What do you think?

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