President Trump's campaign against the vicious MS-13 street gang is winning praise from many on Long Island, New York, an area that has been particularly impacted by gang violence.

Federal Agents Target Immigrant Gangs On Long Island
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Trump is attending a forum at the Morrelly Homeland Security Center in Bethpage, New York to outline some successes and discuss the way forward in dislodging MS-13 members. Newsmax says Trump visited Long Island in July to decry the "bloodstained killing fields" overrun by illegal immigrants and promise to "dismantle" and "eradicate" gangs, drawing applause from police officers positioned behind him.

Trump came under heavy fire from the news media and the left last week for referring to MS-13 gang members as "animals." The press tried to convince us that the president was referring to all immigrants with his remarks, but the record quickly proved otherwise. Some on the left actually went so far as to defend the gang members themselves, suggesting that they are people too, and that referring to them as "animals" is demeaning.

Below is a video featuring Robert Mickens, whose daughter Nisa was one of two Brentwood High School girls murdered by MS-13 in September 2016.

Mickens tells News 12 Long Island, "He's (Trump) following up on what he wants to do, it means a lot to us parent victims, to the community, to Long Island."

Not everyone supports Trump's fight against MS-13. A small group actually turned out to protest Trump's visit to their community.

Newsmax says the Administration's war on criminal illegals is working, noting that "in 2017, federal authorities arrested 796 MS-13 gang members nationwide, and numerous cities have joined the Trump administration's lawsuit targeting so-called 'sanctuary city' policies that shelter illegal immigrants."

What kind of idiot would oppose a war on MS-13, and object to its members being referred to as animals? Uh, never mind.