The problem with Democrats these days is that their rhetoric is just so funny and alarmingly stupid that no one can really take them seriously.

Rather than proposing ideas or alternatives to Trump's plans, which by the way are producing results, they spin nonsensical gibberish while defending MS-13:

They demean record low unemployment rates for minorities while vowing to repeal the popular tax cuts that are helping millions of families:

Democrat and serial sexual offender former President Bill Clinton, who was impeached and escaped removal from office on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, told CBS Sunday Morning: "I couldn’t be elected anything now ​because I just don’t like embarrassing people​,” he said. “My mother would have whipped me for five days in a row when I was a little boy if I spent all my time badmouthing people like this.” He actually said that with a straight face, too!

Clinton, by the way, says if Trump were a Democrat, impeachment proceedings would be well underway at this point.

Trump is the master at making the Democrats, and their pals in the mainstream media lose their cool and say stupid things that make them less appealing to voters. They take the red meat tossed to them by Trump on a daily basis, and lose their focus as a result. He's their daddy!

Here is an example of what I mean:

That ought to keep them hyperventilating for at least a news cycle.

What the media predicted would be a massive blue tidal wave this fall has been reduced to a mere trickle, and Democrats will have a very difficult time in winning back the Congress.

It has become abundantly clear that in the battle of ideas, the Democrats have spent too much time finding ways to block forward progress than in presenting anything substantive. Promising free stuff is simply not a leadership quality. As a result, many will simply be seen by voters this fall through the rear view mirror.

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