Et tu, Brokaw?

It seemed that the "me too" outings had peaked. But here comes another bombshell involving a member of the elite left-wing media.

Former NBC reporter, Linda Vester tells Variety that she was the victim of unwanted sexual attention from then NBC Nightly News anchor and senior editor Tom Brokaw back in the 1990's when she was in her 20's.

Vester claims Brokaw, among other things, tried forcibly to kiss her twice. On one such occasion, she admits she willingly let Brokaw into her hotel room, even though she suspected that he was trying to hit on her. Brokaw denies the allegations, claiming he met Vester only twice when she had asked for career advice, and that he did not behave inappropriately.

Vester says Brokaw's advances included communications through email and on the telephone.

Vester claims in her interview with Variety that she was afraid to offend him because "it can torpedo your career." She claims she is not looking for any gain, but is simply coming forward now so that no other young women will have to experience what she did. The alleged incidents date back 23 years. So, why now?

At 78, Brokaw, who has been married to the same woman since 1962, has been retired for several years. If he was hitting on women 23 years ago, he's got some explaining to do to his wife. Why do the rest of us need to know, or for that matter, care? Again, Vester has made no allegations of wrongdoing by Brokaw that could be considered illegal.

Something tells me that if a married guy tries to kiss you and you wait 23 years to make an issue of it, you are either looking for attention, a payout of some sort, or you are just full of bologna.

I find it difficult to feel sorry for Vester, and as a matter of fact, tend to sympathize with Brokaw at this point.

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