Everyone knows Massachusetts is famous for two things: hanging at your cousin's place and drinking cinnamon beer.

Do you disagree?

Don't tell that to Northampton's The Blue Jean Committee, whose song "Massachusetts Afternoon" is about those simple pleasures.

If you've never heard of the band or the song, that's because neither is technically real. They were made up for a 2011 Saturday Night Live sketch starring Fred Armisen, Jason Sudeikis, Kenan Thompson and host Jason Segel.

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Aside from the comedic talent he displayed on SNL for 11 seasons, Armisen is also a talented musician and a music lover. The songs he writes often become bits and can also stand on their own. "Massachusetts Afternoon" is silly but it's also Armisen's loving tribute to breezy, late 1970s rock.

In the sketch, The Blue Jean Committee -- appropriately dressed in too much denim -- sings the Massachusetts tune for a full bar. The song gets more ridiculous as the scene cuts to patrons really enjoying it, Paul Rudd and The Muppets included. Even Bill Hader as the bartender can't get enough.

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The sketch later inspired an episode of Armisen's show Documentary Now. "Gentle and Soft: The Story of The Blue Jean Committee" parodied a real documentary about The Eagles, although the characters were rewritten to be from Chicago instead of Northampton. An EP accompanied the show, featuring other songs including "Gentle and Soft" and "Catalina Breeze," which sound exactly as you'd imagine.

There are other songs featuring the Bay State in the title, including "(The Lights Went Out in) Massachusetts" by the Bee Gees and "Massachusetts" by Aaron Lewis of Staind, but none tickle the funny bone the way a fake one from SNL does.

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