I am a former Bridgewater State University student who made it through college by making Marylou’s runs on study breaks. I now live in Dartmouth and I work in Fairhaven. The closest Marylou’s to me opened in Lakeville a few months ago. However, it’s still a 30 minute drive for me to get my “Girl Scout Cookie” with skim and no sugar (That’s how I order in case anyone wants to surprise me at work…hint).

This is my plea to you to open a location on the Southcoast. I promise you that you’ll never see a better group of patrons than here. Coffee competition is fierce, but a lot of places coexist peacefully and business is booming. Just take a look at Sunrise Bakery and Dunkin Donuts on Dartmouth Street, or Mirasol’s and Starbucks on Route 6. These shops are literally neighbors with their competitors, but still manage to do really well at their locations.

I truly believe that your products are needed here. And I know I’m not the only one. Trust me when I tell you that Southcoast residents would be happy to see you just around the corner.


A BSU Bear Who Really Misses Your Coffee Back Home

*Update: It's come to my attention that there is one on the Wareham / Rochester line. Closer, but still can't justify driving 20 minutes for coffee midday.

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