Knowing the two (President Obama and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu) would not be meeting again in person and perhaps revealing his true feelings toward the state of Israel, President Obama has broken from the long-standing American policy to side with Israel. The Obama Administration abstained from the United Nations Security Council vote to condemn Israeli settlements in lands captured by Israel in 1967 after they were attacked. Now the settlements are illegal under international law as the American vote did not veto the vote.

The President's longtime friend and Harvard colleague UN Ambassador Samantha Powers stood idle as the votes were tallied and Secretary of State John Kerry spent much of the week blaming Israel for instability in the region.

This is a 180 turn for Kerry, who has flip-flopped more than an over-caffeinated, sleep deprived epileptic staring at a strobe light in a bouncy house. "Perhaps someone should tell Senator Bradley that the United States has chosen a side", said John F Kerry in the 2004 Democratic presidential primary when then US senator Bill Bradley made a pro-Palestinian position known during a debate.

That guy is completely alien to the guy dressed up and serving as Obama's appointed Secretary of State. On Wednesday, Kerry spent an hour telling the world that Israel cannot be Jewish and democratic! He said the current regime in Israel is the furthest to the right in history, implying a danger to those around them.

Quite clearly the enemies of Israel will point to this as they train 9 year old suicide bombers, plot mass stabbings, target Jewish elderly and wait for the day to murder every single Jew. Obama is scuttling the situation, as unstable as it is, trying to worsen the tensions between the Palestinians and Israel.

What is worse, Netanyahu claims to have proof that Obama initiated the UNSC vote for condemnation in the first place.

The bigotry against Israel by Muslims and in particular, the Palestinians is more openly focused on the "European Jews", many who fled Europe after the Nazi persecution and genocide of Jews. It is two-sided however. The Islamists resent and reject another religion in an area they conquered centuries earlier and refuse to cede a square foot to recognizing a legitimate place for Israelis.

Hebrews in Greater Jerusalem were indeed scattered as far away as Europe and many massacred by Romans following the uprisal of 67 AD but they have always had a presence in Israel, going back 3800 years before Mohammed came up with the religion of Islam.

The bigotry against Jews was open and unapologetic. Muslims could live wherever they wished to in the entire region but no Jews were allowed to reside east of the River Jordan. They were literally corralled in the area now known as Israel. Where better to plant their flag and defend themselves from another Hitler?

Arab Muslims tried to drive every Jew into the sea in 1967 and as a result, Israel won decisively and captured areas toward their east. Today they continue to "settle" the areas, moving Jews east and bringing about infrastructure, utilities...but under Israeli order. The Palestinians consider it an invasion and occupation that they are willing to fight to the death to end.

I am all for holding Israel, like anyone else, accountable to ensure the displaced Palestinians have human rights and can expect peace as long as they are not aggressors but this is historically and Biblically the rightful place for Hebrews.

It appears that the universally accepted "To the victor go the spoils" only holds true if the victor is Muslim over there. The Holy Lands were taken by force by Muslims centuries ago and reclaimed by Hebrews under the same use of force and only after being shown murderous bigotry by Nazis and after being "fenced in" by Muslims in the region, forced to live in the area they now rightfully call Israel.

People should not be ignorant of the fact that Arab Muslims and Christians reside in peace in Israel while no Jews live in safety outside of the Israeli government land.

I am ashamed of Barack Hussein Obama, of John Forbes Kerry and as far as I am concerned, January 20, 2017 cannot arrive too soon.