The news is filled with stories about Necco's Sweetheart conversation candies not being sold this season, after 153 years, because the factory closed down due to financial despair.

Well, Jackie at Billy Boy Candies in New Bedford is not at a loss for words about having plenty of the heart-shaped candy staple. I'm told that Billy Boy purchased the last fresh batch of the iconic confection just before New England Confectionery Company in Revere shut down its candy-making.

Just think, we'll still have "Crazy 4 U" and "Be Mine XOXO" for this Valentine's Day locally, while others around the country will have to resort to imitation knockoffs.

The new company that bought Necco, Spangler Candy Company, released a statement that said it just wasn't possible to get the hearts out in time for this year's Valentine's Day by showing a graphic with "Miss U 2," "Wait 4 Me," and "Back Soon" stamped on the hearts.

When you think about it, not many of us enjoy the chalky taste of them, but we just have to have them because they connect us to our childhood days of writing love notes that read something like," Dear So & So, I love you. Do you love me? Answer yes or no."

Candy sales are expected to top $1.8 billion this Valentine's Day season, according to In addition, it's estimated that of the more than 19 million pounds of the nostalgic confections sold each year, 80 percent were Necco's Sweethearts brand.

All I can say is, "Roses are red. Violets are blue. Billy Boy Candies has Sweethearts for you."

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