A Plymouth man is hoping to reunite a heartfelt card with its rightful owner. Ed Gordon stumbled upon an envelope. At first, it seemed like trash, but Gordon quickly discovered it was a lot more valuable than expected.

While trying to get some pizza before the Super Bowl on Sunday, Gordon was walking by St. Peter’s Church in Plymouth when he stepped on an envelope.

“I stepped on what I thought was an empty envelope. It was not empty but had a card in it with some cash addressed to a grandchild from the grandparents,” Gordon said.

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Gordon had stumbled upon a Valentine's Day card from a set of grandparents to their grandson. When he realized there was not only money in the card, but that the card was also from a loving grandparent, he knew he wanted to find the rightful owner.

“First and foremost, it’s the right thing to do,” he said. “Secondly, it’s a gift from the child’s grandparents and that’s a special bond.”

Gordon has a great-nephew with the same name as the child on the card, and he immediately thought of his own family when he opened the card.

“I know my nephew’s grandfather would appreciate someone doing the same,” Gordon said.

Gordon’s mission is simple. He hopes to find the rightful grandson of the heartfelt Valentine’s Day card that was gifted to him by his grandparents.

Are you the grandparents? Are you the grandson that’s been expecting a little extra love from grandma and grandpa? Reach out to Gordon online, so we can reunite this loving note with a lucky grandson.

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