Here’s a fun fact for you: Did you know you can send someone a “goat gram” to their office or house?

Rebecca Roberts is the owner of Hidden Gem Homestead, a quaint family farm nestled in the pines of West Plymouth, now in its second year of operation. She raises goats, chickens and rabbits, and you’ll also find Tortellini the tortoise roaming around the vegetable garden.

“We just recently, kind of accidentally, started offering Goat-A-Grams,” Roberts said. “We surprise unsuspecting friends, family or even coworkers with a visit from one or more of our sweet little baby goats. When sending flowers just isn't enough, why not send a goat, right? I don't know anyone who wouldn't love this cute, cuddly surprise.”

Roberts and the goats visited the Fun 107 studio May 3 to surprise Michael and Maddie, leaving joy in their wake.

Roberts said that while flowers will eventually die, the memories and goat selfies last forever, and she’s not wrong. It's a great way to interrupt the workday and put smiles on everyone's faces.

“The people's reactions when I walk in are absolutely hysterical to see,” Roberts said. “It really is the best part.”

Phil Devitt/Townsquare Media
Phil Devitt/Townsquare Media

The good news? These cute little baby goats have upgraded from peeing on the floor to wearing diapers so your home or business doesn’t get dirty.

Roberts said she enjoyed surprising her friends with quick little visits with the goats, and from there on out, a new business was born. She noticed a Facebook post in which a woman was looking for someone to surprise her coworker who was celebrating her 2-year “workiversary." Roberts knew what to do.

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“I didn't know there was such a need for surprise baby goat cuddles,” Roberts said. “I’ve been busy booking people ever since, and the irony of it all is that I recently quit my job a month ago to spend more time at home and try to build my little farm up to something more.”

Besides the Goat-A-Grams, Hidden Gem Homestead offers goat yoga, birthday parties, small-scale goatscaping (grazing to manage vegetation growth) and movie nights on the farm. It also has a mobile petting zoo that goes to schools, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Groups can take tours to learn about farming.

“I opened the farm to the public just two weeks ago, and we've already had over 100 people come by,” Roberts said. “We have a group of about 40 homeschoolers coming out next week, and I think it's great for the kids to see that a farm takes a lot of work, but anyone, even without a lot of land, can achieve some level of self-sustainability.”

For anyone interested in Hidden Gem Homestead’s newest endeavor, a Goat-A-Gram is $75 to bring a baby goat to your chosen person or people for a fun, 15-minute visit anywhere in Plymouth County and surrounding towns (within 20 miles of Plymouth).

Some add-ons are flowers, candy or more baby goats (up to 10) for an additional $10 each, and you can add on extra time in 15-minute intervals for $20.

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