Valentine’s Day is all about showering your special someone with love, but every year I’m left wondering what to get my husband.

More specifically, I’m left wondering how to make him feel loved and special on the love-filled holiday.

In my opinion, men have it pretty easy. If my husband buys me flowers, gets me a sweet card and makes our dinner plans, I’m a happy girl.

But what am I supposed to get him? Do men want flowers?

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I asked the two closest men in my life what I should get my husband this Valentine’s Day, and they kept it real.

“Handwritten cards are my favorite,” said Gazelle, morning show producer. “I’d also love a home-cooked meal that I can get away with eating on a TV tray so I can watch television with the good company of my wife and my dog.”

Michael's perfect Valentine’s Day is also pretty specific.

“I would say that the old adage rings true that the road to a man’s heart is his stomach,” he said. “I would love for my wife to make me chocolate cupcakes or make me dinner with gravy and mashed potatoes.”

After speaking with Michael and Gazelle, it seems pretty clear that food needs to be involved, and I can get on board with that.

But what do other men have to say? We asked the SouthCoast what men really want for Valentine’s Day, and here’s what they had to say.

Don’t worry, the following list is safe for work.

What SouthCoast Men Really Want for Valentine's Day

We asked the SouhtCoast what men really want for Valentine’s Day, and here’s what they had to say. Don’t worry, the following list is safe for work.

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