Some New Bedford students will have a longer school day beginning this fall. Normandin Middle and Hayden McFadden Elementary Schools received some state grant money, hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer supported bucks. At the HayMac, kids will start school at 7:45 AM, about a half hour earlier than this past year.

The Chief Academic Officer tells the Standard Times, "the ultimate goal is to increase time for learning for kids and professional learning time for teachers." They can't learn between 8:15a-2:50p? What the hell are you teaching them?

Instead of adding quantity time, for learning, give these youngster quality instruction on how to learn. Find out why they are having a difficult time learning the ABC's and 123's, without throwing in artsy fartsy stuff, then serving dinner. Quit using the old low income families and achievement gap crap. The yutes that want to learn--learn!

Don't listen to my babble. Do your own google search. Find out for yourself why schools and school districts opt out of extended school year programs. They rarely work. Any bets the schools and districts that stay, do so for the $$$s!