While the the New York Jets are usually the black sheep team in New York, so far this season it's the Giants. At 0-5, things just seem to keep getting worse for them. 

After a disappointing home loss to the rival Philadelphia Eagles, the New York Giants have now lost the first five games of the season. Not exactly the kind fo start that Eli Manning and "Big Blue" were looking for.

Adding insult to injury, a popular Manhattan strip club, Rick’s Cabaret, has decided not to show the Giants games on their TV's for the rest of the season. So what's the reason?

A spokes person for Rick's said:

After five straight losses the Rick’s Cabaret girls noticed that the customers were actually depressed and upset, particularly after yesterday’s (Sunday vs. Philly) game...

Tough break for fans of the G-Men who are looking for a Sunday escape to their favorite Gentleman's Club. The club spokes person also said that most of the girls are fans of the Giants as well, but it's very hard when the Giants leave most of them and their customers feeling depressed.

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