NEW BEDFORD (WBSM) — Mayor Jon Mitchell unveiled the 2024 Mayor's List at the New Bedford Art Museum today, highlighting the top 10 high school seniors and their academic accomplishments.

The list marks the 12th annual celebration of the top 10 academically-ranked New Bedford High School seniors.

The ceremony recognizes the city's highest-achieving students and also highlights their extracurricular activities, the colleges they will attend, potential fields of study and career goals.

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All of the awardees are enrolled in NBHS' Academy of Honors. As in previous years, this year's list includes students who reside in surrounding towns and elected to enroll in the Academy of Honors through the district's "school choice" program.

"The Mayor's List represents academic excellence and reflects the city and school district's commitment to showcase high achievement," Mayor Mitchell said. "I congratulate this year's members, and I can't wait to see what they accomplish at the next level."

The achievement is more than an award; it is a testament to what high school can be like by taking advantage of everything it offers.

Valedictorian and top 10 awardee Kiva Bank walked away with gratitude for what she and her peers accomplished. She believes it will show people what New Bedford High School is about outside its reputation.

"I think the top 10 as a whole is a really great way to acknowledge the achievements of some of the top scholars at New Bedford High School," Banks said.

"I'm aware we don't have the best reputation, so showcasing all of our achievements as the top 10 is extremely accomplished," she said. "It encourages others to work hard, achieve something similar, and shoot for the top 10."

Keep scrolling to see the seniors awarded for this year's Mayor's List and get a glimpse into where they're headed next.

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