April and May are busy months at the New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center on Bethel Street. Staff members have planned a number of activities designed to entertain adults and amuse children.

Allison Meyette, Education and Engagement Manager at the Heritage Center, joined Townsquare Sunday this week to run down the schedule.

The highlight is a photo exhibit to begin on April 13 and run through July 9. The Center is joining Spinner Publications to present "From the Hold: The Port in Photos."

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The exhibit consists of more than 40 images from Spinner's archives, showing the Ports of New Bedford and Fairhaven and 100 years of waterfront history from 1860 to the mid-1980s.

"There's images of vessels and fish processing, fishermen at work, the Scallop Festival and onshore businesses," Meyette said. "Maybe you'll see somebody you know, when they were young."

Also, Joe Thomas, the founder of Spinner, will speak at the Fishing Heritage Center on May 11.

Photo courtesy of New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center
Courtesy of New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center

The Center also has on tap two music concerts this spring. One is scheduled for April 20 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. where Scottish musician Alan Reid (above) will entertain. Reid is a member Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame. Tickets are $15 for the public, $12 for members.

On May 18, another Scottish Folk Music group, North Sea Gas, will perform. Check with the center for details.

The Fishing Heritage Center is also featuring free programming for children on Thursday through Sunday during April school vacation week. Kids of all ages can make crab hats, go on a scavenger hunt, dress up in real fisherman's gear, play in the Center's Wheelhouse, and test their knowledge with a fish identification game. They can also listen to a fishy story on Thursday and Friday at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

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The New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center is celebrating five years of providing education and information about the city's most vital industry. While these photos can give you an idea of what it's all about, the exhibits are interactive and hands-on, so check it out for yourself.

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