Moments before her daughters, New Bedford's Maya and Aria Christian, walked onto the set of NBC's Today show, Marci Pina-Christian could hardly contain her enthusiasm.

"I'm in the green room, and the twins will be going on very soon," she said. "They're doing a segment on twins and the relationship between twins, and sisters who are also best friends. It's very exciting!"

The Christian sisters are co-founders of Twins That Cook, and they got to talk twinning with another famous set of twins, Today hosts and former First Daughters Jenna and Barbara Bush.

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On the Today program, the Christian twins shared their chocolate chunk cookie recipe with the Bush twins, which you can watch on

The story of how the two sisters work so well together in the kitchen goes back to their childhood.

"We started them in dancing school and they always loved being on the stage," Pina-Christian said. "Armsted (their father, who passed away in 2016) always said, 'Their magic is with each other,' adding, 'I hope they realize that later in life and they do something together.'"

They certainly have, with the formation of Twins That Cook.

"Doing it together, and seeing how their relationship with each other gains strength – they've always been best friends, but now they're business partners, too, and that's a whole other dynamic," Pina-Christian said. "It's just beautiful to see the growth in their business and the growth in them as young women."

Pina-Christian believes her late husband is still involved.

"We feel blessed and I believe Armsted is watching down on this, and probably working some things out along the way. I truly believe he's in the mix," she said.

They also have a lot of love and support from their hometown of New Bedford.

"The girls are so grateful for the support from our community, because many of their customers are from New Bedford," Pina-Christian said. "(They) follow them on Instagram, at, and are sending us messages as we speak, saying they'll be watching and how proud they are. That hometown connection, that village, is so strong."

Pina-Christian recalled how the family would love to go to the Shawmut Diner on weekends, so is there a remote chance that the twins' success started at the diner?

Heartily laughing, she mused, "You never know!"

The one thing that is a foregone conclusion is that the Christian twins have a relationship that's not simply to have a bosom buddy or confidant, but to be soulmates for life.

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