Finding reputable places to eat on the SouthCoast can sometimes be challenging. Whether it is a new small food stand or a popular established restaurant, having multiple options can make anyone indecisive in their dining choice.

We're lucky. Too many places to choose from is an embarrassment of riches.

Although New Bedford is a waterfront city known for seafood, the culinary scene here also is filled with different cultural cuisines such as Portuguese, Cape Verdean and Mexican.

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Having many choices for good food also means there will be plenty of people with strong opinions about what's "the best."

Cue Yelp. Diners across the SouthCoast over the years have showered local restaurants with love on the business review website. Their top choices are clear in Yelp's ranking of the highest-rated New Bedford-area restaurans.

People from all over have left rave reviews for these local businesses, implying that they are must-tries.

"Always such a pleasant experience here," a user wrote about the No. 8 spot. "You walk in and are greeted by the owner and staff. It's cozy and quiet. The young gentleman taking our order was kind, patient, and helpful with menu questions and even gave a few suggestions."

Another restaurant, No. 4 on the list, got this to-the-point but glowing review from a user: "Good fresh food. All restaurants should be this good."

Check out the list of highest-rated New Bedford-area restaurants below, which we should note includes two businesses not in New Bedford --both of them in Dartmouth. Some of the restaurants have the same star rating, which you could argue makes them tied. For simplicity's sake, they appear here in the order they do on Yelp, from 10 to 1.

Keep scrolling for a look at mouthwatering dishes at tons of other SouthCoast restaurants.

What do you think? Did Yelp users get this right or miss the mark entirely?

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