When we think of a planet in retrograde, we typically think of notorious Mercury and the havoc it wreaks on our lives for weeks on end. We think of miscommunication and technology going haywire. So, it makes sense that we get nervous when other planets go retrograde, expecting similar impacts on everyday life.

As it turns out, not all retrogrades are bad. According to a local psychic medium, Stephanie Burke, there’s one planet whose retrograde means we can finally see things as they really are. Neptune has been in retrograde since Friday, June 25, and won’t go direct until Wednesday, December 1.

“Neptune is the planet of dreams, inspiration, fantasies, and illusions,” said Burke. “Neptune will be retrograde in its home sign of Pisces which will amplify the effects of the energy.”

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While it’s direct, Neptune can play a role in making us believe that something is real when it’s actually completely false. Like a daydream that we’re convinced can happen, or those really vivid, bad dreams that we’re convinced are real upon waking. While in retrograde, it will make those illusions fall and secrets will be revealed.

“Think of a curtain falling and the truth being revealed on the other side,” said Burke. “This will help us to see things much more clearly and realistically. What is revealed to us during this retrograde period will empower us. It will show us what’s real, what’s not, and pave the way for us to be creative and to dream in the way that we should be, rather than being full of anxieties and stressing about false fears."

Personally, I feel like this could lead us to see ourselves for who we really are, in addition to knowing others' true intentions. Will you finally see who the man pretending to be the Wizard of Oz?

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