Our favorite psychic medium is back to tell us everything we need to know about the New Moon happening on Tuesday, May 11. According to Stephanie Burke, a new moon brings about a chance for a new beginning.

“It’s a time to start over, to reflect, and to focus on your goals,” said Burke. “It’s a perfect time to think about what you want in your life and to make wishes for your present and future.”

The Law of Attraction seems to come into play heavily during this phase. It’s important to focus on what you love about your life so more of that comes that finds its way to you. Don’t focus on the negative, or you will just get more of the bad stuff. Burke also explained that each new moon has its own unique effects on us.

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“This particular new moon is in the sign of Taurus,” said Burke. “Taurus is known to be very grounding, and very practical, but in this case also happens to be the perfect recipe for abundance and prosperity. This particular moon has a heavy influence on positivity, love, and money. If you’re needing help with business projects or finances, this moon is for you!”

In case you missed it, there is another astrological event happening right now. Pluto will be in retrograde until Wednesday, October 6.

“This moon coupled with Pluto in retrograde really gives you a chance to grow,” said Burke. “What are you passionate about? What sets your soul on fire? Channel that energy into your intentions today.”

Burke left these final thoughts in order to prepare for this event.

“Take some quiet time for yourself and write down the goals you want to focus on for the next month. Be realistic about them, but don’t be afraid to dream. If a dream or wish seems too big or overwhelming, start small. Shrink it just enough for a good starting point and let it grow as you grow. The most important thing to remember when setting goals or making wishes is that you’re worth whatever good comes your way. Often times we tend to get down on ourselves and stress instead of consciously realizing we deserve all the good in the world. Picture yourself enjoying the things you desire. Get your wish ducks in order before Mercury retrograde and eclipse season start in a couple of weeks!”

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