Moments after Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine explained her well-reasoned argument for supporting the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh, Susan Rice, the National Security Adviser to former President Obama, expressed interest in challenging Susan Collins for her seat in 2020.

What whimsical timing. If Rice is really serious about running against Sen. Collins, bring it on!

Senator Collins, often taking a lot of flack from conservatives, in the end put it over the top, ensuring Judge Kavanaugh would reach the Supreme Court. Mainers are going to remember this, and Susan Rice better know it and save herself a loss.

Though she was respectful of Christine Blasey Ford, I believe the bedrock of Collins' speech was when she addressed accusations that Kavanaugh committed sexual assault as a young man by saying, "certain fundamental legal principles about due process, the presumption of innocence, and fairness do bear on my thinking, and I cannot abandon them."

In a sober, passionate argument, she swatted down the idea that Judge Kavanaugh was going to protect President Trump from wrongdoing or the idea that he was salivating to overturn Roe v. Wade.

I'm glad the inquisition hunters lost, and that the judge will finally become Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

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