From humans able to live for thousands of years to a haunting sequel to Steven King's The Shining, our friend Jason Kent promises a tale or two to keep you entertained at home while movie theaters try to slowly get back to normal, whenever that is.

Jason has been stretching out on his couch to hunt through movies so you don't waste time doing it. Here are this week's picks:

Extraction (starring Chris Helmsworth, on Netflix)

After the son of an Indian drug lord – who is in jail – is kidnapped by a rival drug lord, a black market mercenary (Helmsworth) is hired to free the child and extract him to a safe location. However, the leader of the men working for the father of the kidnapped kid purposely refuses to wire the money, deciding instead to grab the kid from Helmsworth's character and bring him back on their own. Things go very bad so he decides to get the kid out of the city on his own. Expect a lot of people getting shot. John Wick-style action and level of violence, but oddly still likable.

The Old Guard (starring Charlize Theron, on Netflix)

A small group of "immortals" who've been secretly conducting missions to help people over the centuries is ambushed by a team of mercenaries. Being immortal, things go their way, but they start hunting for people responsible for the attack before they're outed to the world. During this, a new immortal is introduced as an American soldier who is brought into the group. There's lots of action, great effects, and a thin plot but you'll enjoy the characters. This is a fun watch.

Doctor Sleep (starring Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson, on HBO)

A sequel to Steven King's The Shining, Doctor Sleep finds an adult Danny Torrance still dealing with his childhood trauma and his unusual abilities. Now, depending too much on booze, he does the geographical escape to a small New Hampshire town, joins AA, and gets a job in a hospice, where he works as a janitor and helps guide dying patients into the afterlife. He starts receiving psychic messages from a young girl named Abby, but a group of psychic vampires target Abby and Danny decides to help her.

This film, while based on the books, does a good job serving as a sequel to not only King's book, but also the Stanley Kubrick film, which King famously hated because it went too far off subject. This film is very well done and worth your effort.

Palm Springs (starring Andy Samberg, Cristin Milloti and JK Simmons, on Hulu)

In the vein of Groundhog Day, Samberg is trapped in a time loop at the wedding of his girlfriend's friend. He inadvertently gets a woman trapped in it as well, and things get very interesting from there. We also find out that he brought in another man a long time ago, who occasionally shows up to kill him, knowing he'll wake up the next day. It's not as funny or warm as Groundhog Day, but it still has an oddly unique charm and some decent laughs. It's worth watching if you already have Hulu or the expanded Disney+ package.

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