Since 2008, Massachusetts has had its own state groundhog for making spring predictions. Ms. G live at the Massachusetts Audubon Society's Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary and her yearly prediction is one of their biggest events.

Ms. G has been pretty good over the years, too. According to prediction comparisons from groundhogs around the world, she is far and away one of the most accurate groundhogs out there.

While good ol' Punxsutawney Phil has only been correct about 30% of the time, Ms. G has a 64% accuracy rate since she began making forecasts 17 years ago. Globally, groundhogs are at an even 50%.

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While those odds may be as good as flipping a coin, as PETA would like to see people do each Feb. 2, groundhogs were still brought out by the dozens in 2024.

But not Ms. G.

This year the highly accurate Massachusetts state groundhog had to predict things differently, but it had nothing to do with animal rights activists.

It seems Ms. G is going through some common juvenile groundhog growing pains: female hair loss.

The hair change is a result of hormone changes in her growing female body, similar to puberty in humans. Though completely normal, it does make the cold temperatures that much colder for Ms. G, so staff at Drumlin Farm chose to keep her inside instead of putting her on display for her annual spring prediction.

The party, however, was not put on hold.

Ms. G was joined by Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey inside the Farm Life Center at Drumlin Farm and made her annual prediction from there.

Though the accuracy may change due to her prediction environment, Ms. G did call for an early spring for 2024. Punxsutawney Phil called for the same.

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