Who knew Massachusetts had its own groundhog making predictions each Feb. 2? Well, apparently we do and she thinks Punxsutawney Phil got it all wrong.

If you checked in with the most famous groundhog around Thursday morning, then you are probably preparing to buckle down for a lot more winter weather.

Well, turns out there is a groundhog much closer to home making some bold predictions of her own and she says to throw those throw blankets aside.

Introducing Mrs. G, Massachusetts' official state groundhog.

Mass Audubon Drumlin Farm via Facebook
Mass Audubon Drumlin Farm via Facebook

She has been making her official predictions at the Mass Audubon Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary since being titled the state's groundhog by then-Gov. Deval Patrick on July 31, 2014.

Thursday morning, she made her latest winter forecast while surrounded by Gov. Maura Healey, Sen. Mike Barrett and a handful of local elementary school students.

What did she have to say?

At the end of a very ceremonious video, Mrs. G came away having not seen her shadow, boldly staying above ground and letting us all know spring is right around the corner.

Not too surprising of a weather forecast considering the winter we've had so far.

I mean, mostly above-average temperatures and no significant snowfall makes us all think spring is coming sooner rather than later. So I tend to agree with Mrs. G on this one.

Of course, the arctic blast that's about to hit us may change all of our minds in a mere 24 hours and Massachusetts has seen some crazy weather in the past.

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