Devyn Stone,
courtesy of Fairhaven Police Department


Fairhaven Police have arrested a mother and daughter on multiple charges including larceny and drug charges. 53 year old Rhonda Stone and 23 year old Devyn Stone were arrested on larceny of a motor vehicle, receiving property valued at over $250, and drug charges.

Just after 11 a.m. on Friday morning, a minor motor vehicle accident occurred near the entrance to the Ocean State Job Lot parking lot in Fairhaven. While the drivers were outside their vehicles exchanging information, a mother and daughter stole one of the cars and drove away.

the car was a 2003 Lexus ES300 equipped with a Lo-Jack tacking device. The device helped police locate the car less than an hour later in the parking lot of Empire Loan on Acushnet Avenue in New Bedford. Video surveillance that was later reviewed determined that the Stones were the two individuals who arrived in the stolen car.

The car was towed back to the Fairhaven police station where a plastic bag filled with jewelry, along with loose pieces of jewelry that was scattered on the floor. Detectives also retrieved jewelry from Empire Loan that the women had pawned.

Rhonda and Devyn stone were then tracked to the Huttleston Motel in Fairhaven where they had been renting a room. When police knocked on the door of the room they had rented, Devyn answered the door with a hypodermic needle and syringe in her hand.

Upon searching the room, Police found several hypodermic needles, along with a brown powdery substance believed to be heroin. They also found a plastic sip lock baggie that contained several pieces of jewelry. The Stones are suspected of breaking into a residence and stealing jewelry after stealing the car.

Rhonda Stone has been charged with receiving stolen property valued at over $250, larceny of a motor vehicle and knowingly being present where heroin is kept. Her daughter Devyn was charged with receiving stolen property valued at over $250, larceny of a motor vehicle and possession of heroin.

The location of the residence that was allegedly burglarized by the Stones has not been determined. Anyone with information about a potential break is asked to contact Fairhaven Police Detectives at 508-997-7421.

Rhonda Stone
courtesy of the Fairhaven Police Department