People on the East Coast are getting hammered by a major winter storm.

Over 85-million people in 20 states are dealing with the storm, which could drop more than two feet of snow in some places.

The brunt of the storm is centered around the Washington, DC area, which could see up to three feet of snow by tomorrow afternoon.

States of emergency have been declared in eight states and Washington, DC.

Travel is already a problem as more than six-thousand flights have been cancelled for today and tomorrow. Icy roads and blowing snow is making driving treacherous, with people being told to stay off the street.

More than 100-thousand people are without power in North Carolina in the aftermath of the massive winter storm that's blasting the East Coast.

While the snow has moved north, some southern states are now dealing with bitter cold and icy conditions. At least four people have been killed in storm related traffic accidents in North Carolina.  (Metro Networks Inc.)