Like most Americans, I awoke on Saturday to the news that accused pedophile and trafficker Jeffrey Epstein had offed himself in a New York City jail cell. Immediately the jokes began as memes saturated social media, most suggesting a conspiracy involving the Clintons.

Funny, right? Of course, unless you lack any kind of sense of humor.

One of the last things I read on Facebook on Friday night before hitting the sheets was a post from a friend/listener who predicted that Epstein would commit suicide. Whoa! A regular prophet!

Who didn't think that Epstein was going to die before his trial could ever take place? Who didn't, even in jest, suggest that the Clintons would love to pop Epstein? Come on!

So, over the weekend, everyone shared memes and jokes on social media about the Epstein "suicide." It was funny. That is, until Trump did it.

President Trump dared to share a tweet from a comedian Terrance K. Williams and the world shifted on its axis, the universe shuddered and birds began flying backward.

The media went predictably nuts, with ABC suggesting that Trump was sharing "unsubstantiated conspiracy theories" involving Bill Clinton when he himself actually knew Jeffrey Epstein, too.

Dude, it was a joke. As in funny. Have we really forgotten how to laugh? I think it's just a problem because Trump joined in the joke. By the way, everyone in the office, regardless of political stripes, is sharing memes this morning and having a few chuckles. Lighten up. You live longer. That is, of course, unless you have dirt on the Clintons. Ha Ha Ha Ha!

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