Foolish efforts to protect illegal immigrants here in Massachusetts have resulted in hundreds of deportable criminal illegals being released into our communities, where many will likely re-offend. cites a report prepared by ICE's Boston field office that says roughly half of the 456 deportable criminal illegal aliens who were arrested between March 19 and May 30, 2018 eluded ICE, "either because local agencies did not honor ICE's detainers or cooperate with ICE, or because the local agency let the criminals go before ICE could issue a detainer." says in 216 cases, the illegals "had committed crimes including rape, assault, firearms possession, drug distribution and trafficking, drug possession, OUI, domestic violence, property crimes, and motor vehicle offenses." According to the report, "in roughly half of the cases, the local jails will release aliens on bail without notifying ICE."

Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center For Immigration Studies tells the Boston Herald police in sanctuary cities such as Lawrence are prohibiting local police from communicating with ICE.

"There is a gag order on Lawrence police that prevents them from contacting ICE. It's in black and white," she said.

Vaughan tells the paper Attorney General Jeff Sessions is correct to single out cities like Lawrence for their sanctuary policies.

"There is no reason for drug traffickers in the country illegally to be walking in and out of jails like it's a revolving door," she said.

Yet, the debate over making Massachusetts a sanctuary state continues. This session, the state Senate actually approved a measure that would do just that. It's unfortunate that so many elected officials, including some within our own legislative and municipal delegations, support sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

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This report from ICE should be enough for you to say "no" to U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren's quest for re-election. Warren is campaigning on a theme that includes abolishing ICE altogether. Now isn't that special?

Refusing to work with federal authorities to identify and remove criminal illegal aliens and providing sanctuary for them is criminal, and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible under the law.

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