Fans of Notre Dame, and sports fans in general were shocked to learn on Wednesday that the allegedly dead girlfriend of Manti Te'o was in fact a total lie. So why did American sports fans latch onto this story like a baby to a mother's breast?

It's simple - we love a story that involves an underdog, a tragedy, a heartache, you get my point. As if the tragic loss of Te'o's Grandmother wasn't hard enough, there was this very well thought out lie that even his parents were in on - we suspect.

This writer is a Notre Dame fan, lets get that out of the way. At first I did not want to believe that such a fabrication could be made up, especially not in this day and age. It's all too clear now that everyone in the world was totally duped. Why?

It was a feel good story. Over the years we have learned to love those stories. But that's exactly what they are, STORIES. 'Rudy', 'Remember the Titans', 'Hoosiers', they all tell a story about a real situation. Most of the events in those films are reconstructed for dramatic effect. Don't get me wrong they are great movies, based upon inspiring true events, but it's not real.These larger than life underdog stories are some of America's go to's for inspiration.

Manti Te'o's inspiring story made people care about Notre Dame as they almost reached an undefeated season. It makes you wonder how deep this lie goes. Was Notre Dame involved? Let the head scratching continue. I would say begin, but this story is so crazy that most have been doing that for a while at this point.

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