MANSFIELD — Mansfield Police say that three pet owners have been charged with animal cruelty and another offense after they allegedly left their dogs in hot cars during a Phish concert last week.

Police said in a release that bike officers rescued Charlie, Lucky, and Lulu on Thursday after they were left unattended in 80-degree weather in cars that did not have water or adequate ventilation provided.

"Even as the cocnert began just after 7 p.m., the temperature outside was over 80 degrees with high humidity," the department stated in the release posted to Facebook.

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Police credited "alert and compassionate passers-by" with notifying the officers of the trapped dogs, stating that the officers responded quickly to remove the "distressed animals" from the hot cars.

They were taken to Tufts Veterinary Emergency Services in Walpole for evaluation after being given water and sat in front of fans, police said.

All three dogs are in good health and are now staying at an air conditioned animal shelter in Mansfield, the release stated.

Police said the three pet owners will be summonsed to Attleboro District Court on charges of animal cruelty and confining an animal in a motor vehicle causing exposure to extreme heat.

The department also put two electronic signs in the area to warn concertgoers and others about the dangers of leaving pets in hot cars.

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