Mike Dicarlo is out to prove to Red Sox fans that just because the MLB season is delayed and we can't hang at Fenway anytime soon, that it doesn't mean we can't enjoy a little "Sweet Caroline" together.

DiCarlo is a Boston resident and clearly a fan of Neil Diamond. The songbird decided to rewrite the lyrics of the artists' famous hit to fit today's period of isolation amidst the coronavirus outbreak. From his window in Back Bay, DiCarlo sang to passersby and fellow quarantined residents.

“Hands, not touching hands. Reaching out, not touching me, not touching you,” DiCarlo sings in the video. "Every night at 6. Join the party! Tell your friends!"

No, this video was not shot in Italy. I swear this is Boston Strong. 

He posted this video on Sunday, March 15 and it has been shared over 650 times since then. DiCarlo has been singing the revised jingle every single night at 6 p.m from his apartment window on Beacon Street. Neighbors chime in right on cue. That classic "ba ba ba" never sounded "so good, soo good, so good." The altered lyrics have been posted on the doors of the neighborhood so everyone can participate as they wish.

"We'll get through this coronavirus thing! Nobody touch anybody!" If you're not practicing social distancing while also becoming a viral sensation, you're doing it wrong.

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