Last week the Massachusetts House rejected a budget amendment that would have denied state aid to sanctuary cities. The House also refused to consider an amendment to increase funding for adult day care services.

Sanctuary cities provide safe haven to lawbreakers by prohibiting local law enforcement from cooperating with their counterparts on the federal level in tracking illegal aliens who often times are being sought for committing violent crimes.  Adult day care centers provide safe haven to adults in need of special attention who might otherwise be institutionalized or placed in nursing homes.  They offer loved ones much needed time to earn a living or raise a family while providing a break from the demands of being a fulltime caregiver. What is wrong with this picture?

Due to sharply rising costs a number of adult daycare facilities in Massachusetts and elsewhere have been forced to close.

The Massachusetts Senate will take up it's version of an FY17 budget this month so there is time to lobby in support this important amendment. If state lawmakers and the Baker Administration can find money to support sanctuary cities than they can surely find money to increase funding for such a valuable program for physically and mentally challenged adults and needy seniors.

Contact the delegation now to support increased funding for adult day care in Massachusetts.

Senate President Stanley C. Rosenberg (617) 722-1500

Sen. Mark Montigny  (D-New Bedford)  (617) 722-1440

Sen. Michael Rodriques (D-Westport)  (617) 722-1114

Sen. Marc Pacheco (D-Taunton)  (617) 722-1551

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