The “Are You OK?” program through the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office is simple, free, and has saved lives in emergency cases all over the SouthCoast.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Members of the Sheriff’s Office’s public programs team will call your home every day (weekends and holidays included) around the same time simply to check on you.
  2. If no one picks up the first time, they’ll call back in a few minutes.
  3. If no one picks up the second time, they’ll call a neighbor, friend, or emergency contact to go check on you.
  4. If the emergency contact can’t locate you, the Sheriff’s Office will call your local police department for a wellness check.

There are hundreds of seniors across Bristol County, from Attleboro to Fairhaven, who participate in the program. The most common thing the BCSO hears from applicants is that they live alone, while it also hears from many family members who live out of state who are relieved there is a way for their senior family members in Bristol County to be checked on.

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“We’re saving lives and keeping our seniors as safe as possible. That’s law enforcement’s No. 1 mission,” Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson said. “This free program can make a difference, and could save your family member’s life. It’s free and we encourage everyone to take advantage of it.”

The program is also very flexible. If you’re going to the doctor tomorrow, or visiting family, or going shopping, just tell us and we’ll change the time or suspend the daily call until you get back from traveling.

Applications are available at every Council on Aging or Senior Center in every town in Bristol County, or by calling Theresa Fournier at the Sheriff’s Office at 508-995-6400 ext. 3641. Feel free to ask around at the COAs as well as it’s not hard to find someone on the program in our local senior community.

For those who aren't lucky enough to live close to elderly parents and grandparents, this service could literally be a lifesaver. Something to consider to protect your loved ones.

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