As the entire state is dealing with an opioid addiction one local activist has made a controversial proposal.

Carl Alves, the Executive Director of Positive Action Against Chemical Addiction has proposed having sites where addicts can use drugs in a safe area with medical supervision.

While some believe this could encourage drug use, Alves says this type of program would focus on those who were already addicted.

"These are folks that are pre-contemplative in terms of seeking treatment, trying to get help, people that might have recently relapsed, those kinds of things," said Alves "that's what would be primarily served in this, it's not an initiation site."

The proposal has been met with opposition from figures like Detective Capt. Steven Vicente, who told the Standard Times, it would enable drug use and open the door to lawsuits.

However, Alves says this would help to bring addict out of the shadows and into a place them in a situation where they could help for their addictions.

"There is a whole lot of shame, embarrassment, secrecy, with the use of drugs," said Alves "this creates a more transparent environment for folks to kind of address their use issues and also be connected with people that can guide them to treatment."

Alves says having a safe zone would keep addicts in one safe place as opposed to being spread across the community.

"Where seeing people overdosing in intersections, in fast food restaurant bathrooms, in national parks, and all over the community," said Alves "this would provide a safe haven and hopefully minimize the impact on the community at large."

Alves emphasizes this is his personal opinion, and does not reflect the views of PAACA.

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