We are women living in the 21st Century. We have come so far, but still have such a long way to go before society views us as the treasures we really are. We are not just bodies stripped of clothing and souls that are meant to be sexualized in the media. We are daughters, sisters, and mothers. We have breasts that were given to us by God for feeding our children. A bond our men will never know.

So why is it that Facebook photos of half naked girls in bed with arched backs go viral with comments like "Gorgeous?" Meanwhile a photo of Alyssa feeding her (then) newborn daughter, Elizabella, is receiving backlash because it's "inappropriate" and "doesn't belong on social media?"

I am not a mother. I have never breastfed a child, but my mother had five children, and I know she cherished a few precious moments to connect with her babies. Facebook wasn't a thing yet, but society didn't exactly approve of breastfeeding in public back then either.

While I am not a huge supporter of the #FreeTheNipple Campaign, I will say that society needs to redefine acceptable forms of displaying the female body. Something so natural as breastfeeding a baby should definitely trump whatever photo shoot Kim Kardashian has scheduled.

Alyssa, your Charmed character, Phoebe, could not have explained this issue any better than with the Lady Godiva stunt depicted in the video below. Foreshadowing, much?