In Boston's bustling Logan International Airport, a small, weathered stuffed animal was discovered, quietly sitting as if waiting for its owner to return.

This raggedy yet beloved kitty, with its blue eyes and pink nose, was found in Terminal E on March 13. Little did it know that its journey was about to take an unexpected turn thanks to the power of social media.

Sally Howard Munson, the compassionate traveler who stumbled upon the plush companion, took to Facebook with a heartfelt message:

"Let’s hope Facebook can do its magic. Found at Logan Airport in Boston, MA, coming out of Terminal E on March 13th approximately at 8:00 PM. Well-loved kitty, blue eyes pink nose found. Hoping to find owner."

The post rippled across social media, igniting a wave of goodwill and hope.

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Munson's post spread from coast to coast and even reached the United Kingdom. Shared over 35,000 times and counting, the plea to reunite the stuffed animal with its owner resonated deeply with people from all walks of life.

Munson refused to leave the stuffed animal behind. Determined to help it find its way back home, she hoped the internet would work its magic. Indeed, the power of Facebook prevailed.

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In very little time, the owner of the stuffed animal was found. Munson shared an update on social media, but the identity of the stuffed animal owner remains a mystery.

A similar incident occurred in 2022 at a California airport, where another family found a stuffed animal bearing an uncanny resemblance to the one discovered at Logan. Like Munson, they turned to Facebook to locate the owner, asking for assistance in reuniting the lost toy with its rightful home.

Could it be mere coincidence that two identical stuffed animals found their way into the hands of strangers, thousands of miles apart, both in airports with closed lost and found departments? Or is there something else going on?

One thing is clear: For all its faults, social media can sometimes be used for good. As long as people are willing to help, there's no reason any lost toy should be left in the cold again.

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