We just celebrated National Doughnut Day on Friday. By the way, the Oxford Dictionary clearly points out that the preferred spelling of the tasty treat is doughnut, while donut is reserved for the common American. Well, excuse me!

I was briefly mentioning that Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is looking to come and set up shops in the area. The two reputable sources I read to confirm this were equally brief with very few details.

While their real estate scouts are out and about looking for good locations, Krispy Kreme learned an important but very costly lesson. The reason so many Krispy Kreme locations closed abruptly is because when they started to expand, they did so too rapidly.

I remember taking the family to a Krispy Kreme in Myrtle Beach, and we stood in a long line watching the glazed donuts, still warm, ride smoothly down the conveyer belt and into the hands of uniformed shop employees to be boxed. A business is always enhanced when the patrons can see the product being made. It's in our DNA makeup.

Krispy Kreme's national expansion is starting all over again, from scratch. The song says that love is wonderful the second time around, so maybe the same applies to a business model that was forced to backup and stop, instead of going forward towards that extra mile. With a strong brand and good name, don't be too surprised when you start seeing construction around the region.

I checked, and Krispy Kreme does make a custard-filled Boston Cream donut.

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