A veteran of New Bedford's fishing industry has been hired by an offshore wind developer to serve as the company's fishing representative.

Seafood consultant Jim Kendall tells WBSM News, he's now employed by Offshore M-V of New Jersey to bring concerns of fishermen to the company's attention.

"Change is coming and its something that we need to be aware off. We need to have the best kind of input that we can. We no longer are by ourselves out there, that's just a fact of life," said Kendall.

Offshore M-V is one of three companies that hold leases in federal waters south of Martha's Vineyard.

Company President Erich Stephens says the Federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is requiring offshore developers to hire a fishing representative that will speak for the fishing industry. Stephens says its Kendall's job to make sure the company is hearing from the fishing industry.

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