Fox News legal eagle Judge Andrew Napolitano says President Donald Trump has "unleashed a torrent of hatred" by suggesting that anyone who does not love America is free to leave.

Really? Why would anyone who does not love America want to be here? Furthermore, why would we want them here?

Napolitano, who asked Trump for a couple of favors but was denied, is now a Trump critic. Everyone's a critic, right? Fair enough. Napolitano's comments are part of an op-ed piece he authored for the Fox News website entitled "Judge Andrew Napolitano: Trump has unleashed a torrent of hatred."

In making his case against Trump, Judge Nap takes us back to the Vietnam War era and the phrase "America, love it or leave it," often attributed to supporters of the war in debates with anti-war protesters. Napolitano argues that the phrase is un-American.

"The phrase itself–with its command of the government's way or the highway–admits no dissenting opinions, suggests that all is well and proper here, and insinuates that moral norms and cultural values cannot be improved," he wrote.

Congresswomen Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, Omar, And Pressley Hold News Conference After President Trump Attacks Them On Twitter
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Perhaps Napolitano has an argument in the case of a very unpopular war that sharply divided the nation. But trying to compare opposition to the Vietnam War with the rantings of four socialist Democrats–Omar, Tlaib, Pressley, and Ocasio-Cortez, who believe the nation is fundamentally flawed and want to change our form of government–is quite another story.

President Trump Addresses The Nation In His First State Of The Union Address To Joint Session Of Congress
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Napolitano says Trump's message is one of "racial or nativist superiority" over four minority women.

"We were here before you; this is our land, not yours; get out. Nativist hatred is an implication of moral or even legal superiority that has no constitutional justification in American government," he wrote.

Trump's comments aren't about race; they are about ideology, and his pledge to never allow socialism to reign in America during his watch.

Nap says "presidential hatred produces division among people and destroys peaceful dialogue." Yeah, because "peaceful dialogue" was all the rage before Trump's tweets.

Judge Napolitano's grasp of reality on the issue underscores how fortunate we are that Trump saw through this clown and denied his request for an appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.

To quote the great Buggs Bunny, "What a maroon!"


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