Some of us are so good at sleep, we can do it with our eyes closed! For the rest of us, have you ever had that moment when you just can't sleep and you have to wake up early tomorrow? Getting enough sleep is one of our biggest challenges, for young and old. So, how much sleep do you really need? The right amount of sleep varies by age. You generally need less as you age. In a moment, you'll see a teacher's school bedtime chart that is stirring controversy.

Kindergarten and first grade teacher, Stacy Karlsen, from Wilson Elementary School in Kenosha, Wisconsin posted a chart on the school's Facebook page providing an answer to the often asked question, "At what time should your child go to bed?" With suggested wake up and sleeping times for children ages 5 - 12, the chart gives options based on different schools' start times. Some parents are praising the chart as "great," while others are saying it's a pipe dream and unrealistic. Yawn...all right class, hands up if you didn't get enough sleep last night.

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