There is nothing the propagandists at CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, and the New York Times would love more than to see President Donald Trump move to liberate a six-block area of downtown Seattle now referred to as the CHOP, or Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone. But Trump would be wise to resist the temptation and instead allow events there to unfold without interfering. The press would be giddy over images of federal troops restoring order to the district, especially if someone got hurt in the process.

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The task of removing Antifa and Black Lives Matter anarchists from the CHOP is the responsibility of Democrat Mayor Jenny Durkan, who is either too afraid or too stupid to order her police to clean house.

Seattle's Police Chief Carmen Best denied yesterday that the occupants of the CHOP are preventing police from entering the zone to defend citizens who are being victimized by the occupiers.

“There is no cop-free zone in the city of Seattle,” said Best.

The owner of an auto body shop who says he called police 19 times as his business was under siege said help never arrived. Best admitted her officers remained outside the CHOP zone.

“We observed the location from a distance,” Best told reporters. “They did not see any signs of smoke or fire or anything else and they did not see a disturbance."

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Washington's Democrat Governor Jay Inslee is another coward, too afraid to take on Seattle's occupation force. Inslee should order Mayor Durkan to use her police force to restore order to the city or he should activate the National Guard and do the job himself. The streets of Seatle belong to all citizens and not just a handful of radical thugs.

Seattle Protesters Occupy Police-Free Zone CHOP
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Durkan and Inslee are fools for failing to defend against anarchists and radical leftists. The voters of Washington must make this pair pay for their inability to govern effectively or suffer in silence with the results.

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