A recent state study says that Dartmouth and other communities are paying big to host homeless families from around Massachusetts.

The program pays hotels and motels to shelter homeless families temporarily, while host communities and hometowns split various expenses.

In 2014, Dartmouth paid $96,000 for education related costs, which includes special education programs, after-school programs, and transportation.

The study found that in some cases, host communities also had to share costs for transporting students back to their home-town schools, which could be as far as Boston.

Dartmouth also had to pay $36,000 in 2014 for emergency response costs related to the families. Town Administrator, David Cressman said Dartmouth's total expenses because of the program was almost $200,000.

Select Board Chairman, Shawn McDonald says the program can relocate families 50-60 miles from other family members or friends.

Last year, 42 total families stayed at the Dartmouth Motor Inn as a part of the program. They are the town's only participating facility.

The entire report by State Auditor, Suzanne Bump, can be found here.