THANK YOU will never be enough. To our men and women in uniform past, present and future, God Bless you! And as a way to honor soldiers killed in action, the Dartmouth Veterans Advisory Board is issuing an urgent appeal to the families and friends of these men killed during World War I and World War II and all other wars since. They are looking for photographs of the war dead so they might be honored with special memorial banners during Dartmouth's annual Memorial Day activities.

Dartmouth Veterans Services Officer Roy Oliveira and town officials are asking you to help them so they can take these photographs and screen them onto memorial banners. They will show the veteran's name, rank and branch of service that will be displayed under the town seal with the heading "Hometown Hero." The banners will hang from small flagpoles mounted on telephone poles along the Memorial day parade route for a week before and after the holiday as a way to honor the sacrifices of the local veterans.

The photographs will be given back once they're scanned. Anyone wishing to submit photos of the servicemen should contact the Veterans Services Office, Dartmouth Town Hall, room 316, or call 508-910-1818. Thanks to board members: Norman Gunderson, Al Oliveira, James Tooley, Sean Jackman, Joseph Toomey, Jr and Chris Pereira.

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