Need a little something to make you smile today?

These Plymouth Rock one-star reviews should do the trick. As any local can tell you, this place can be more than a little underwhelming but some express that thought better than others.

While most people will simply tell you "It's just a rock," some would rather get more creative with their comments. And we thank them for that.

With over 3,700 reviews on Google, Plymouth Rock still manages to pull a 4.3 rating overall. Pretty surprising considering the dozens of terrible reviews we found for the historical landmark.

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Perhaps less surprising is that even some of the five-star reviews mention the rock's underwhelming stature and focus more on the beautiful Plymouth waterfront as well as the shopping and dining in the area.

As a whole, a visit to Plymouth Rock is a quintessential elementary school field trip for many Massachusetts children and could probably stick to just that.

Planning a vacation around seeing this site seems a little ridiculous to those of us living so close and yet many people actually do this.

Though, as you can tell from the reviews below, many often regret that decision.

Hilarious One-Star Reviews of Massachusetts' Plymouth Rock

Have you ever visited Plymouth Rock and said, "That's it?" These reviews are for you. So many people have rated this favorite school field trip spot as one star on Google it's hard to keep count. While most people simply rated it or added, "It's just a rock," some really had fun with their comments about this local historical landmark. These are some of our favorites.

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